Hi! I'm Jean, a professional character designer and visual development artist working in the animation industry.Through the years, I've worked with various studios from Canada, United States, Japan, and China alongside teams of artists on projects such as Netflix's Carmen Sandiego, Apple TV's Frog & Toad, 一人之下 Hitori no Shita: The Outcast S3, and a recent animated cinematic trailer for the game, Wayfinder.Outside of work, I enjoy creating art and stories based on fantasy mixed with nature and my Southeast-Asian origin from my combined influences of Eastern and Western pop culture.

Convention Portfolio

Traditional Art (completed on-site at various conventions) & Digital Art commissions

Commissioned illustrations for Onmyoji series

Developing original story projects and people sketches from life

Art display and promotional art done for conventions

Thanks for looking!

I do not consent to or practice any involvement of generative AI tools in all of my works.